Authored By Justin Tabor, PCAPFD Grants Manager

I recently had the chance to check in with Emma Sarcol, a Philippines RPCV currently living in Cebu and working for the Glory Reborn organization, one of PCAFPD’s inaugural Human Development grant recipients. Since being awarded nearly $1500 in June, Glory Reborn has started the implementation of their project and had some exciting windfalls. Through the kindness of their trainer, what was supposed to initially be a two-person Lamaze coach training was expanded to include all 12 of the organization’s clinical staff. One of their staff had this to say of their newfound knowledge, “I just recently applied what I learned from the Lamaze seminar to one of the births of our patient at Glory Reborn. It was such a beautiful and emotional experience. Already I see a big difference, despite a big baby, an easier delivery, less postpartum pain and a happier experience for mom too!”

Pictured: Doc Nina Yang stands with her Lamaze training certificate.

With their training complete, two of Glory Reborn’s staff are reviewing for their Lamaze certification exam. We wish them and this project continued success! And thank you to all of our PCAFPD supporters for making this grant program possible. If you are interested in learning more about Glory Reborn’s work or supporting their efforts feel free to reach out to our Grants Manager at Also, check out our Grants Page to learn more about this new component of PCAFPD.

PCAFPD Human Development Grant in Action
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