Human Development Grant Previously Awarded Projects

PCAFPD has awarded human development grants to multiple organizations since the program’s inception in 2021 at a rate of around $2,500 per year. In 2020, the PCAFPD Board of Directors decided to take the bold step of creating a $10,000 USD fund for the purpose of awarding grants that support our mission of providing education, human development, and the continual engagement of Peace Corps Volunteers into the development of the Philippines.

Here, we proudly share some of the projects that have been awarded so far to demonstrate those that the board views as highly competitive and in support PCAFPD’s mission. We hope that this will assist future applicants in identifying competitive project proposals. At the same time we are happy to share the success and endeavors of our past and current awardees.

2022 Awardees

Support of People and the Sea’s Malapascua Conservation Education Program

People and the Sea, an environmental Non-Governmental Organization based in the Philippines and France, submitted a Human Development Grant application in 2022 to increase a local island community’s awareness of environmental issues and collectively identify solutions where they could take part in combatting them. The organization effectively aligned their proposal with the mission and vision of PCAFPD, as exemplified by this excerpt from their submission:

“Early environmental education can help younger generations to become passionate about nature, climate change, environmental issues, and protecting our planet. By encouraging this passion at a young age, we have a better chance at raising a generation of lifelong environmental advocates that will continue to live sustainable lives into their adulthood.”

Moved by the strong proposal, PCAFPD funded $1,500 toward their planned environmental education activities which include the following:

  • Regular conduct of conservation education classes in two (2) elementary schools on the island;
  • Regular conservation education for kids 9-15 years old for the Eco-Heroes Club;
  • Environment-themed film showing to increase the level of awareness of the community – both children and adults;
  • Conduct an Environmental Summer Camp;
  • Conduct snorkeling and exposure activities for kids; and
  • Conduct of Solid-Waste Management Training in schools.
Children who participated in Environmental Courses hosted by People and the Sea.
Children receive certificates for participating in environmental courses hosted by People and the Sea.

Support of Learning Without Borders’ Digital Literacy Program

In 2022, PCAFPD awarded Learning Without Borders Inc. $650 to help bridge the digital gap that makes equal opportunity employment difficult for some Indigenous People in the Philippines. Their project aims to equip the Haduan Aeta Community with the skills needed to live, learn, and work in a society where digital technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent. Specifically, the following are objectives of the LWOB Digital Literacy Program:

  • Increase familiarity in operating mobile devices in maximizing their use for educational
    purposes within the program timeframe.
  • Develop basic digital skill sets for adapting in higher education and education
    opportunities in the computer field.
  • Develop expertise in using work-relevant digital applications (MS Office, Google
    Documents, etc…) to build competencies that can be used for alternative employment

2021 Awardees

Support of the Forestry Students Professional Development Award (FSPDA)

FSPDA encourages Filipino forestry students to enhance their studies and research by providing opportunities for students to showcase their studies and interact professionally with the wider science community. In 2021, FSPDA was granted $660 to expand its program to provide PHP 10,000.00 grants (maximum) to 6 forestry students (3 students per semester) for the Academic Year (AY) 2021-2022. PCAFPD provided 44% of the total funds to support this year’s round of grants for FSPDA’s awardees. PCAFPD and FSPDA share many goals, and like many of our PCAFPD scholars the Forestry scholars cite challenges associated with online learning. In addition to helping with these additional costs, FSPDA scholars used their funds to support their research. As part of their requirements, FSPDA awardees provide testimonials, which you can view here:

Support of Glory Reborn Organization’s Lamaze Training

Glory Reborn organization, one of PCAFPD’s inaugural Human Development grant recipients, was awarded nearly $1500 in June 2021 to assist with Lamaze training for their staff. Through the kindness of their trainer, what was supposed to initially be a two-person Lamaze coach training was expanded to include all 12 of the organization’s clinical staff. One of their staff had this to say of their newfound knowledge, “I just recently applied what I learned from the Lamaze seminar to one of the births of our patient at Glory Reborn. It was such a beautiful and emotional experience. Already I see a big difference, despite a big baby, an easier delivery, less postpartum pain and a happier experience for mom too!”