Galap, Genesis grad photo 2013

The PCAFPD scholarship program is made possible by the generous donations of individuals and groups. It costs approximately $1,200 per year to send one of our scholars to college in the Philippines.  That includes tuition, books, fees, and a living allowance.  Every contribution helps to change the lives of our scholars and their families!

The Foundation is a registered non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible. There are three ways to donate to the Foundation:

1) Donate Directly through PCAFPD’s Donation Platform

Using Little Green Light, PCAFPD’s default donation software will make your gift go farthest by streamlining operations. Simply fill out the form below.

2) Mail your Donation to PCAFPD.

Simply print a form and mail your donation to the Foundation: Contribution form (pdf format); Contribution form (Word format)

3) Use Network for Good

Make an on-line donation through “Network for Good”

Unless otherwise specified, all donations go into the general scholarship fund to cover tuition, fees, books, and living expenses of scholars. Contributors may elect to have their donations used for special projects, such as conducting a survey of graduate scholars. Donations may also be made in memory of a special person or to an established scholarship funds (see Special Scholarships).  Special Scholarships are named in honor of contributions of $1,500. A list of contributors appears on the last page of each newsletter.

How to have a portion of your Amazon Purchases go to PCAFPD

  1. Shop on, Amazon’s platform for donating 0.5% of eligible purchases toward 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
  2. Create or Log-in to your normal Amazon account by clicking the “Sign-In” button.
  3. Go to “Your Account” and select the option to  “Change Your Charity”. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  4.  Search for “Peace Corps Alumni Foundation for Philippine Development”  and then click “Select”.

    Charity search page on
    Charity search page on
  5. You’re all finished! Just make sure to use instead of the normal Purchases made on regular will not make a contribution toward our organization.

The Lakan / Lakambini Honor Roll of our Major Donors

Initiated during our 30th Anniversary in 2013, the Lakan / Lakambini Honor Roll gives special recognition to those supporters who have given $500 or more during the calendar year.

According to our Filipino VP Roland de Jesus, Lakan (m) originally referred to a rank in the pre-Hispanic Filipino nobility on the island of Luzon, which means “paramount ruler.” Today, the term is still occasionally used to mean “nobleman,” but has mostly been adapted to other uses. In Filipino Martial Arts, Lakan denotes an equivalent to the black belt rank. Also, beauty contests in the Philippines have taken to referring to the winner as “Lakambini,” the female equivalent of Lakan. So, to all you noble and beautiful major contributors to PCAFPD, we thank you profusely and honor your commitment.

Lakan / Lakambini Honor Roll for 2020

Phyllis Adams
Paul Aleckson
Dick Ammann
David Baden
Sylvia Boecker
Samuel Boglio
Katie Bradley
Anthony J. Brancato
Maureen Carroll
The Ford Foundation
Gary Frankwick
Cathy Garman
Stephen Growdon
Ellen Sudow & Joe Higdon
Calvin & Nita Holt
Mark Horowitz
Margaret Hunter
Matt Johnson
Lee & Kay Jones
Theodore Kirpach
Karen Johnson Larson
Denise & Tom Lionetti
Gerald Malovany
Sarah McMeans
Eric & Pamela Melby
Kate Mulvaney
Ronald Peters
Maggie Purves
Carol Radomski
Dr. Mary C. Rainey
Denny Robertson
Nancy Rye
The Bill Foye Philippines
Charles Schwartz
Scott S. Sindelar
Claire Horan & Carl Smith
M. Ann Snuggs
Filipino-American Spirit