Frequently Asked Questions about PCAFPD Scholarship Applications

When are applications due? When are scholarships awarded?

 June 1 Application Process Begins

October 31Final due date for all application material (undergraduate and graduate)
NovemberReview of application by Philippine Board members and volunteers
DecemberTransmittal of all complete application forms to Washington, DC
JanuaryFinal review by Board of Directors in USA
March Scholarship Awards posted on this website / Award notices sent to successful applicants
April 1Deadline for scholarship acceptance
April – MayOrientation of new scholars

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

Any Filipino student who has completed high school (or will graduate in the current school year) may apply for a scholarship.

What is included in the scholarship award?

Successful applicants would receive the following benefits:

  • Full Tuition & Other School Fees
  • Allowance for Books & Educational Supplies
  • Living Allowance per Semester
  • Reimbursement for other education-related activities (for prior approval)
  • A laptop computer provided by the Foundation

What grades do I need to submit as part of my application?

For current Grade 12 students: Submit your Grade 11 report card. For SHS Graduates (not enrolled in college and 1st or 2nd year college students): Submit your Senior High School transcript of records or Grade 12 report cards. For 2nd year college students and up: Submit your latest copy of your college grades.

Can I submit one letter of recommendation?

Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are typically a page in length with specific examples that speak to the recommender’s views and opinions of the applicant’s achievements and potential.

Whom should the letter of recommendation be from?

One letter must be from a principal, vice principal, guidance counselor, college professor, registrar or other educational senior administrative official describing your extra-curricular activities, leadership potential, and overall suitability for the scholarship.

One letter must be from your Barangay captain, a religious leader, another teacher/professor, a Peace Corps Volunteer, or a civic leader (not related to you) describing your leadership potential and your experience in and commitment to community service This may be a scout leader, PYAP leader, LGU employee, sports captain, etc.

Is there an income requirement to be eligible for the scholarship?

There is no income requirement to be considered. However, financial need is assessed when determining which applicants will be awarded a scholarship. Applicants whose chances of attending college without a scholarship are low are encouraged to apply.

What income documentation is needed?

Submit the latest ITR of your parents/guardians or yours, if you’re already working. If you or your parents/guardians do not have an ITR, you may submit a Certificate of Indigence from your Barangay or an Affidavit of Non-filing of Income Tax Return.

What courses are eligible to be considered for the scholarship?

The scholarship is intended for students who have the potential to be leaders in their communities and demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all Filipinos. This scholarship program is NOT intended for students who wish to seek work overseas after graduation. Students may apply to take up any course as part of the scholarship and are encouraged to demonstrate how their pursuit of that course demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of life for Filipinos. The exception are the following courses which we do not currently support: No medical related courses such as nursing, medical technology, graduate study in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and in addition, law. Theology is acceptable sofar as the applicant does not wish to join the clergy, become a priest, or become a nun.

I am a current college student, can I apply for the undergraduate scholarship?

Yes. Current college students should also answer essay topic 5 and explain how you supported your college education up until now and why you need additional support at this time.

I have graduated college with my undergraduate degree, can I apply for a master’s degree scholarship?

Yes, PCAFPD accepts scholarship applications for graduate study as well. PCAFPD does not support graduate study in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or law. PCAFPD will cover graduate education tuition and fees and offer a Contribution to Living Allowance (CLE) if required.

How will scholarship applicants be notified?

Scholarships are announced in March of the following year on the website For example, if the application closes on 10/31/2023 the scholars will be announced on our website in March 2024.

I am planning to attend a vocational school, is this covered under the scholarship?

Yes, applicants indicate the university or technical schools of their choice.

I have, or may have, another scholarship to support my schooling. Can I still be considered for the PCAFPD scholarship?

Yes. For applicants with current scholarships we ask them to complete an additional essay to explain why they need the PCAFPD scholarship. See Topic 4 of the application here.

Current PCAFPD scholars who receive an additional scholarship must notify and receive approval from PCAFPD prior to accepting the other scholarship. 

What is required of the scholars as a condition of the award?

Scholars are required to:
-Maintain C or better grades
-Submit grade reports in a timely manner after each semester
-Submit an essay at the end of each semester
-Maintain regular contact with the Foundation’s VP for Philippine Operations via letter or email
-Allow photos and written materials to be used for Foundation business
-Notify the Foundation immediately of any failing grade
-Get approval from the Foundation before changing majors or schools
-Notify the Foundation immediately of any change in financial status or enrollment status
-Notify the Foundation immediately if offered a scholarship from another organization
-Join and remain a member in good standing of the PCAFPD Scholars and Alumni Association (PSAA)

Do I have to pass the entrance exams before applying for a scholarship?

We understand that college entrance exams are given at different times, many after our application deadline. You are not required to pass the entrance exams before you apply for a scholarship. However, you should register for the exams and take them as soon as possible. Application to the college of your choice is your responsibility.

Where do I get an application?

The scholarship application is available through the buttons below:

Who can I contact if my question isn’t answered here?

Please contact with any questions not covered on this FAQs page.