Frequently Asked Questions about PCAFPD Scholarship Applications

When are applications due? When are scholarships awarded?

 June 1 Application Process Begins

October 31Final due date for all application material (undergraduate and graduate)
NovemberReview of application by Philippine Board members and volunteers
DecemberTransmittal of all complete application forms to Washington, DC
JanuaryFinal review by Board of Directors in USA
March Scholarship Awards posted on this website / Award notices sent to successful applicants
April 1Deadline for scholarship acceptance
April – MayOrientation of new scholars

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

Any Filipino student who has completed high school (or will graduate in the current school year) may apply for a scholarship.

What college or university may I apply to?

Applicants may propose to study at any university or college in the Philippines, including technical schools and institutions that grant two-year degrees.  However, priority will be given to students who propose to study at a public (state-supported) institution or an inexpensive private school.  This allows the Foundation to provide scholarships to a greater number of deserving Filipinos.

When choosing a college you should also consider the following: If they offer the field of study that you are most interested in; your chances of being admitted to the school (college applications and entrance exams are your responsibility); living expenses at the college; and your support network at the college (being far from home in the first year can be very stressful).

What academic fields will the Foundation consider for scholarships?

Scholarships may be granted for study in a wide variety of academic and technical fields and may be specifically tailored to individual needs.  Applicants may propose to study any field which results in a four year bachelor’s degree or a two-year certificate or technical degree (such as information technology or midwifery).  Applicants proposing fields of study with high potential to contribute to Philippine development may be given priority in the selection process. Priority fields include agriculture and related  fields, fisheries, environmental sciences, information technology, engineering, social work, community development, primary and secondary education, and special education.

NEW this year, the PCAFPD will be offering scholarships to a small number of students pursuing their master’s degree. The deadline is October 31.

What expenses are covered by the scholarship?

All scholarships cover the cost of tuition and mandatory fees.  Scholars receive a stipend each semester to help cover the costs of books and educational supplies.  A contribution to living expenses (CLE) is also included in the scholarship to help defray living expenses, such as transportation, room, and board.  As of 2022, scholars are also provided a laptop to help with their studies. Please be advised that the CLE is not enough to cover all living expenses.

Continuance of the scholarship is dependent on academic progress and compliance with the program requirements.  Scholarships are granted to the completion of a degree or certificate program, so long as the student maintains Foundation standards.

How are the applications rated?

All applications are rated on financial need, academic excellence, and commitment to community service.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  The most successful applications include thoughtful answers to the personal statements.

The scholarship fund is funded primarily by former Peace Corps Volunteers and Filipinos who are looking for ways to continue their commitment to Philippine development.  It is aimed at students who are potential leaders and have a strong desire to serve their communities and their country.  Successful candidates describe their volunteer and leadership activities in the community and school, and are able to explain how their chosen field of study will allow them to help others.  Priority may be given to those with greatest financial need.  This scholarship program is  not intended for people interested in working overseas after graduation.

Who reviews the applications?

Applications are reviewed by members of the Board of Directors in the Philippines and in the United States.  Former PCAFPD scholars may also participate in the initial review in Manila.

What if I get another scholarship?

If you are awarded a PCAFPD scholarship, you must notify the Foundation immediately if you receive a scholarship from another organization.  The Board may approve holding dual scholarships, but may choose to reduce the amount of the Foundation scholarship.  Failure to notify the Foundation of the receipt of another scholarship may result in termination of the Foundation scholarship.

What is required of the scholars?

Scholars are required to:
-Maintain C or better grades
-Submit grade reports in a timely manner after each semester
-Submit an essay at the end of each semester
-Maintain regular contact with the Foundation’s VP for Philippine Operations via letter or email
-Allow photos and written materials to be used for Foundation business
-Notify the Foundation immediately of any failing grade
-Get approval from the Foundation before changing majors or schools
-Notify the Foundation immediately of any change in financial status or enrollment status
-Notify the Foundation immediately if offered a scholarship from another organization
-Join and remain a member in good standing of the PCAFPD Scholars and Alumni Association (PSAA)

Do I have to pass the entrance exams before applying for a scholarship?

We understand that college entrance exams are given at different times, many after our application deadline. You are not required to pass the entrance exams before you apply for a scholarship. However, you should register for the exams and take them as soon as possible. Application to the college of your choice is your responsibility.

How do I find out if I won a scholarship?

The list of successful applicants will be posted to this website on or about March 1st.  The website will give you directions for contacting our Manila office to complete the award process.  Successful candidates will also be contacted by phone or email (according to the preference listed on your application).  If your name is not listed on the website on March 1st, then you were not selected for a scholarship this year, and you will not be contacted directly.  If you do not receive a scholarship, you may apply again in the future.  Please be advised that the scholarship program is very competitive and unfortunately, we cannot award a scholarship to all applicants.

Where do I get an application?

The scholarship application is available through the buttons below:

Where do I mail the application?

Please note that Mr. Roland de Jesus is the contact point for all communication with the Foundation in the Philippines. Applications being submitted by mail should be mailed to him at:

Benguet Corporation, Universal Re Building, 106 Paseo de Roxas, 1226 Makati.