PSAA gathering May 2015
PSAA Leadership Assembly April 2015


    The PSAA sees itself contributing to quality education and sustainable community development through scholarship, community service and fund raising projects to hone future leaders fostering commitment and dedication for Philippine development.

    Inspired by the PCAFPD’s mission of providing education towards Philippine development, the PSAA commits itself in developing and producing excellent and  principled leaders dedicated for the advancement and sustainable development of the Philippines, and responsive to the present and future needs of the Filipinos.DSCN3989


· To uphold a truly autonomous and democratic Association;

· To serve as an active forum for scholars’ ideas and sentiments;

· To uphold the ideals and principles of the PCAFPD that are geared towards ensuring a well-rounded physical, cultural, social, and intellectual development for Filipino people;PSAA_March2012

· To develop social awareness and responsibility geared towards a national involvement for the development of the nation bounded in democratic principles;

· To seek other means of promoting national development other than education;

· To forge unity with other sectors of the society towards the fulfilment of these objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions for PCAFPD Alumni:
1. How can I stay connected? PSAA on FACEBOOK!!!!!  – Stay connected by “Liking” the group

2. How can I connect to my fellow scholars or alumni in my province?

Once you are a member of the PSAA yahoo groups, introduce yourself. Do not forget to tell your whereabouts and contact details. It is important that the PSAA knows how to connect with you.

3. What will be my responsibility once I am a member of the PSAA yahoo groups?

The PSAA Board will match you with the members in two ways: match with a cluster or match with a scholar of the same course of study.

4. What will be my next step once I am a member of the PSAA yahoo groups and a cluster?

A.  Mentor a scholar through BUDDY SYSTEM by communicating regularly with them.

B.  Join the activities of the cluster.

To Contact Us:
PSAA Email address:
psaa dot philippines at yahoogroups dot com

Address your letter to anyone of the following. You can directly contact the head of the cluster where you are nearest.

Ariestelo Asilo– Chairman and President, PSAA
Jean Estrellado– Negros Cluster Head

Karl Soriano– CAR-Q CLuster Head

Christian Vaso/ Jen Halili– CALABARZON Cluster Heads

Michelle Laurinaria– Bicol Cluster Head

Krisna Ocong– NCR Cluster Head


PSAA Annual Assembly, May 2014, La Roca Resort, Los Banos

PCAFPD Scholars & Alumni Association (PSAA)