Studying in a new school with new teachers, new classmates and new environment is quite challenging. During the past few weeks, I tried to fit in and leave my comfort zone stepping out from the box of normality. College life is somewhat different than high school wherein I need to stay strong and independent facing life’s problem outside my home. I became the
lion living alone on my own jungle remaining to be strong while chasing my dreams living away from my family. Thus, I survived the 5 months academic year of the semester fantastically. I remained determined to become an Accountant someday despite the hardships and numerous sleepless nights I encountered. Indeed, Accountancy profession isn’t a
joke to play with.

Dexter Gomangan, a scholar studying accountancy at St. Mary’s University, Nueva Vizcaya

I started the semester with background knowledge about the course I took (BS in Accountancy), thanks to Senior High School. I shed drops of tears prior to low scores during quizzes and the lessons I can’t understand. Dealing with failed scores is really hard for me to do. Hence, I tried to be strong, to be positive, to look at things and be grateful no matter how low my scores are. I also experienced full of stress lately because of the endless requirements I needed to pass, the long quizzes and difficult essays to finish, day after day I am into horrific challenges. Nonetheless, I had the courage to finish all the requirements whether it be late or incomplete. The best thing is I did my very best to finish them in just a short period
of time. There I should say, I can handle things under pressure.

I also had the chance to reach out to my schoolmates giving them pieces of advice when they need it. I joined the Marian Peer Counselor Organization, a group of Marian (SMU students) helping hand in hand to reach out the heart of other Marian students through friendly talks when they needed a friend to talk to. Last November 2018, I am one of the successful members that became an official facilitator of the Marian Community. I was also appointed to become a class representative in Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), an organization wherein all Accountancy students are united in planning for future benefits of every Accountancy
aspiring students.

The whole semester helped me a lot to be more mature in dealing with life’s problem, to be positive no matter how poor my grades are, to be strong and be consistent no matter how life brings me down. I can say that, I am the lion of my own jungle. I am the king of my own dream. With the Peace Corps Alumni Foundation for Philippine Development (PCAFPD) Scholarship, I will be a Certified Public Accountant after 5 years. With God, I can do things beyond what I can.

Written by Dexter Gomangan, a scholar studying accountancy at St. Mary’s University, Nueva Vizcaya.

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A Lion in the Jungle
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