PCAFPD Alumni Survey

In our 20th anniversary year, the Foundation conducted a survey of graduates of the scholarship program.  Patricia MacDermot Kasdan (1961-63) led the survey effort.  The survey was designed to find out what the scholars are doing today, what employment challenges they have faced, and how their college education impacted their lives.  The survey results will help us direct the future of the scholarship program.

A small group of former scholars met in Manila under the guidance of PCAFPD Vice-President Roland De Jesus, to pre-test the survey. 

Survey Findings:
The Foundation mailed a survey to 65 living graduates. Thirty-five (54%) of the graduates responded, and the majority reported they were doing well.

At least 71% were currently employed

All but one recent graduate had a history of employment

54% were satisfied with all the jobs they have had

51% worked in education, health, or community development jobs with direct  social impact

43% have gone to graduate school

26% earned degrees in education, medicine, engineering, environmental science, and law

17% were doing graduate work in economics, English, education, and the environment

74% did volunteer work in their communities

77% lived in the same communities where they lived as Foundation scholars